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From the title, Say I Love You, you might think this is another teenager love story, but this is not. It is about school but not completely about school, it is about love but not the way we think of love. Love is not just between two people, it can be for family or friendship too.

Say I Love You was released in 2019, it was about a school but not just a normal school, this school was built by Ko Yul, to give teenage orphans a place to live and study, not just for orphans, for those came from a poor economic background and those who are not seen to be good kids. It is a safety net for those who were unwanted anymore. Coming from those background, normal schooling was not for them, hence many teachers did not survive, bullying, teen pregnancy, so on were the issues.

Ko Yul eventually got involved and taught them beyond textbooks and grades, they were taught to dream, dream big and encourage to chase their dreams. His down to earth characters and willingness to listen and to do it with them eventually touch those kids and they accepted him and willing to make changes.

I actually like this movie, although the version I watched was a bit crappy from YouTube, I enjoyed it. I wished the story was told a bit slowly, some part were rushed but I like how this story is inspiring people to give these children another go. Being a teacher, often some trouble kids were not given a second chance and sometimes, they did not know how to, they have no role models, they think this is normal, honestly, if you grow up and only know A, how do you know, there are 25 other alphabets?

I really wish they have other subtitles so I can show it to my students, often teachers are focussing too much on the curriculums and results and we forget about the building of the characters, nowadays, parents are even busier, kids are spending more times at schools, we should really be able to give them a venue to find their pathways, build a resilience, kind and acceptance person. However, schools are not like that, and teachers are so stretched to do counselling, parenting and managing. I do believe, there has to be other styles of education platforms, not every one can learn in traditional schools settings.

I have dreamed about opening a boarding school with a bit more freedom like that, kids are still learning but have the options to do it more naturally instead of being in the classrooms only. I want to have the passion to learn, the thirst for knowledge not the grade. I want them to have open mind. However, I never think I can being a principal, I joke about it, although I would be a good deputy principal, cos I am organised and I am a killer. However, I would hate attending meetings with the boards, organising financial part (I am hopeless) on this.

I have a dream to teach overseas when I am retiring, in a remote area because I feel like I can learn with them, they would appreaciate learning, when kids are hunger from knowledge, they are so adorable.

I highly recommend this movie, inspiring and motivate kids. You may watch it here (the title is wrong, Film di bawah umur is another movie)




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