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Recent Korean binge watching has made me missing Korean food too much. I ran out of pork belly and korean fish cakes which I can only buy from some Asian grocery but I was determined to have good food.

I determined to use whatever I had in my fridge and freezer to make a korean meal with side dishes, you can call it Korean without those side dishes, what side dishes is your favourite. I have so many, the bean sprouts, egg roll, sweet kimchi, potato in sweet sauce, spinach and etc.

I made chicken spicy bulgogi, it lacks of flavour, comparing to pork belly, maybe I should have sliced it thinner but pork belly is so easy to cook and it is flavoursome. Chicken is just too thick for this dish. I used Maangchi recipes and when comes to Korean food, she is my go to person. I made her dishes over the years and nothing has disappointed me yet, her recipes are easy to follow and she is funny and animated.

The result

I have some bean soup with tofu, sweet potato braised soya sauce, kim chi, chicken bulgogi and seaweed. Only Kim chi and seaweed are not made from scratch. Very proud of myself, at least this will fill me in until 1st of June, where we are allowed to visit restaurants, pubs and cafes in Melbourne.

You might not be able to see how fanatics I am coming to food, I bought Korean food tray, spoons and chopsticks. I do not really like their chopsticks but it does add the feel. Cant wait to visit Korean soon, especially Jeju Island.


Have a great week and stay safe in lockdown



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