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ego¬†Australia is going to have its election in September this year. Unfortunately 2013 Election has turned into an ego wars of two men. I am not into either of the leaders. They are both equally bad. There is no policies selling but they are so into let’s put down the other party. It is so sad to see at the twenty century, future leaders are still behaving like immature kids. Even younger kids are behaving much better than them.

This election is now a war between two men who wants to win. They do not want to win to improve as they really don’t have our best interests.¬†It is very sad to see them taking so heartbreaking steps in dealing with refugees. Not everyone wants to leave their countries that way. To go to another country where you do not belong is very hard. I am an immigrant to Australia and the feeling of not belonging to anywhere is unbearable. It is almost like sleeping under green roof. You know you have a place to sleep but you also worry that rain or storm might break it.

Gay people should be allowed to get married. They have their rights to spend the rest of their life with whomever they want. We need to respect that and just because gay people are not necessary bad parents. I have seen worst heterosexual parents. They should never be given kids.

I am also do not need politician to tell me about my stand on abortion. I might disagree with abortion but I do not think any men should tell women on this issue. Let’s the women decide on this and at the end of the day, it is our bodies.

This election is going to be a hard election for people of Australia, as none of them have clear ideas of what to do. I watched the start of the Leaders’ debate and very disappointed to see that they were unable to answer a simple question. They have ideas and plans but they need to know how they are going to have the funding for those ideas. So list few things where the funding is going to be cut and where taxes are going to be increase. I would not be surprised as it is the way to be.

So why lie and pretend to be innocent, this is not a kid game? all politicians lie and it is not a secret anymore. However, I want to see one of them would step up the game and actually has a game plan to some of our problems. I know that there are many issues we need to address and it could not be solved in a day. So be a leader and actually plan something.

I am not trying to persuade you to vote for any party. You should vote according to your best interests. They are equally bad, so we need to be clear of what we want. If we are clear, at least we can choose things which are going to benefit us. Remember we are tax payers and we deserve the best.

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