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Recently found an app called Dreame – Reading Completes Me, originally I thought it was similar to Kindle where you buy books and read but, kind of not really.

Dreame is a platform for people to write story and you can read by buying coins. However, the writer often are not yet known to many people so they are interactive and original stories. What I really love about it, it has Indonesian writers.

I started reading a book called Orang Ketiga – The third party by Vennie Lestari. She is really captivating and her stories can made you feel sad, anger and frustrated along with the characters.

The story is about Anyelir who is married to Adi by arrangement, but not long after they married, Adi took another wife, his girlfriend before Anyelir. They lived in the same house and Anyelir was hurt. Melati, the new wife, is nice but Adi was very cold to Anyelir. Reading the story, you will feel sorry for Anyelir and angry toward Adi. However, the story turned unexpectedly, read it yourself on Dreame.

Dreame also allowed writer to express while earning their credit and fame, we can support those new and talented writer on it.

You do not have to purchase coins, you can earn coins and this is a big plus for the app. You can do series of tasks for example, check in everyday to earn coins. You buy chapters of story not the entire book, you can buy the whole book if you have the coins. It is your choice and freedom to do what you want.

It lets you preview chapters too, I read another Indonesian writer and I was confused and never follow that writer again, the story was messy and I cant follow. Hence previewing will save me coins from purchasing bad books.

It does have adult content to some books, you will need to check if your children are reading it.

I find reading using iPhone is harder so best with tablets or computers. It takes me longer to read nowadays due to time constraint and headache which I have been experiencing with so much screen time.


However, it is a good found



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