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what do you want to be when you grow up?

remember that question? we were asked lot by parent, teachers, adults and friends. some answered doctor, lawyer, teacher and etc. were they really our dream? maybe for some but many of us decided a dream without really knowing what we wanted.

When kid answered that question, they were truthful in a way. They were so innocence and everything seemed possible and every jobs were saint to them as long as no one would get hurt, cried or being disadvantaged.

Sometimes I wondered if we were led into a false dream. Our parents, teachers and adults seemed to shape our mindset into believed that certain career was favorable than others. Then, we started to chase the dream, but were they really our dream?

Are really hierarchy of career? should it be a dream to be chased or just a tool to enhance life? is it something we want to do or we need to do? is it right to make kids believe that we should only chase the top job and leave the bottom ones to less fortunate? should we also believe that doctors and lawyers are happier than labour workers? bigger house, tv and more cars and holiday trips means life is fulfilled?

How do we measure happiness? by assets, careers, time and hours of sleep or location of penthouse?

Honesty these days, labour workers and lawyers works almost the same length of hours. maybe even have same amount of sleep. They all have big tv, and cars, credit is so easily given.

so what is the dream we are chasing and what does job means to you? what do you really want to be when you grow up?

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