DIY haters

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I bought two bikes from big famous warehouse in Melbourne. On the box, it says 90% assemble which should be a piece of cake because I only need to do the other 10%. It was a joke.

I spent more than an hour assembled the bloody bike. Inside the boxes there were so many notices which encouraged you to use a bike mechanic, so why created this DIY bike when it would take a master to complete the job. Also, why do I need to pay extra when it says self assemble can be done. If I want to pay extra, why I would have just bought a pay and go version.

DIY should be able to be completed without any stress especially if you just need to assemble 10% of the product. Unfortunately, when you buy things from big warehouse, they really don’t care. I miss old service salesman which follows me every where and ensure I get top quality for my money. This service should be brought back. It creates more jobs anyway, why let cost cut kills humanity. This is insane.

I did not need to be made felt stupid just because the bike was not assembled properly by the company and I received no support or help from the warehouse I bought.

I will not go for any DIY anymore, it is just time wasting, I rather pay a bit more and deal with real human being and just lift my feet and enjoy my new collection.

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