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This long weekend, I decided to declutter my junks. I cannot believe how much rubbish I got and some of them I had no idea why I even kept them. Do any of you have a good system to organize your junk?

Some junks are easy to be dealt with, but some are too emotional. I kept all my letters, cards and memos and every time I want to throw them out, I would read them and just unable to do so after. They are taking a large area of the house and even bigger in my heart. I cannot let it go, not all of them happy memories but it is still a part of me.

I remember once on the radio, a psychologist said that when you are not able to let go, there is because you are clingy into your past. It will weight you down. I believe many of you out there are just as clingy as I am but, is it wrong though? How ever when do we need to stop? When do we know that we are overly hanging on the ladder of memory?

One of my ex colleague used to throw away clothes that she did not touch for two years. Honesty, I find that cruelty. I still have many of my fashion from ten years ago. I am good at purchasing and hogging to things, I may not remember why, how, when and why I take it in the first place but I am sure the past me have a great reason for it.

I think I need bigger space if I am continue not to let go.

Help me!!!

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