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Since the holiday, I have been binge watching Netflix non-stop. Lately these shows I have seen and would like to comment on them

Unbelievable – Highly recommended

The girl was raped but on the scene, there was no DNA evidences at all, it was clean. Police could not even find anything at the windows or doors. Under the pressure, the girl admitted for lying and was charged for filing false report. This is not your normal good vs bad cops, it was not a clear line, and this is not your normal teens craving for attentions. This is based on true events by serial rapist in Colorado and Washington. What this show has done well, it is real and not overly dramatised but the scene that made me understand why so many sexual victims did not want to go forward, they were asked to repeat the story again and again, revisit the event and to go through the medical check up. It was horrifying. Watch it, it worth the time.

When They See Us – Recommended

Another true event in 1989, where a woman was raped and the police captured the wrong kids. There was a wilding by 30 kids and teens at the time of event, police capture 5 kids who they charged for brutally raping and assaulting the woman. These five kids were from African American and Hispanic backgrounds. They were jailed for 4-14 years even though their DNA were not found but there was a DNA which they could not pinpoint.

OJ Simpson vs The People – Recommended

OJ was accused for killing his wife and Ron, there were mountain of evidences pointing at OJ but he built a dream team to help him with the case. The trial turned into a circus and you will choose your own side very quickly.

13 Reasons Why – Traumatised

A girl killed herself, she created 13 tapes to explain why she did it. I felt sorry for the girl but also know how easily this could happen to teens. There was a lot of pressure about being popular and accepted by your surrounding. I have seen how cruel a school community can be, bullying is so common. I have completely traumatised by this, I have not continued with season 2 and will not, as the whole ordeal is too much for me to take.

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