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The best thing about Netflix is that I can watch many overseas movies especially Indonesian. It has been hard to find them and it is good to see Netflix continues to update their collection for Indo movies.

I watched a comedy last night which I really enjoyed. It is called Awesome Indonesian Teachers. Taat is the son of a popular teacher, Purnama. Taat could not find a permanent job and landed him a subtitute teacher job in his hometown for a month. While he was there, he witnessed teachers’ salaries were stolen. Along with other teachers, Rahayu, Manul and Nirmala went to recoup the money back from Pak Le who is the local mafia.

The thing is, Taat is not your normal hero, he is very typical man who wants to be rich and selfish. He is also the victim of his father’s neglect. His father is a honest and good man but he expected so much of him and result in the broken of their relationship.

This movie is not what you expected of hero from the hollywood to behave but for someone who has grown up in Indonesia, you can relate. Everything seems to familiar, how people are behaving and do stuff.

I always find Indonesian people creative, many people are living in poverty but their creativity has helped them endured the worst. Some of the teachers in the movie resulted in selling headbands and washing laundry or cars.

I do sympathise for the teachers in Indonesia, they are not paid well enough and they are sacrificing so much and as much as teachers who are paid well overseas. When incidents like stolen salaries, it has huge affect on their lives. My past teachers, waited for over ten to twenty years to be able to afford a mortgage on a house. I really hope the paid is getting better for them, those who are teachers in the worst areas are better teachers than those in fully equipped schools.

I also just realised at the end that Mr Nir is Dian Sastro who is artist who played Cinta in the movie Ada apa dengan Cinta, first I was confused, why would she played such a character, she did an excellent job but then I saw her name of the list of credits, she is the producer. She is indeed brilliant, I remember her as Cinta so this new character really surprised me. However, I think because she is the producer and her movie AADC was so famouse here, hence Netflix bought it as one of its original movie.

Anyway, I highly recommend this movie for a relaxing time.

Indonesian movie has improved so much but also keeping the traditional humour, hope to see more creation in the future.



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