cooking is the new style!

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Since school paid for my free cooking classes, I love cooking from scratch. It tastes so different. I learn new flavour everyday although since I go back to work. I miss my kitchen.

I only cook on the weekend but I read so many cooking blogs and books so I can try them. I would hate working in a restaurant, working hard under the pump. I think home cooking is the best because not only you cook for people you care about but also yourself.  It is a way of pampering, just watch your waistline.

Lately, I cooked a lot of childhood food which I just search the name on google.  Google translation is really the best creation, I can find almost everything. My five spice meat roll is now on my husband’s top list of dinner, so happy with myself.

I spend so much money in buying those ingredients and vegetables are so expensive now. Banana is reaching 12 dollars perkg in supermarket. Prices please go down so my pocket is not drying out.

Cooking is hard and preparation takes time but as long as you cook with heart, it can be enjoyable. I can live as a housewife and a desperate one.

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