Class returns to America

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It is good to see that America has returned to some senses which have not been the norm in the last four years of Trump. I watched the snippets of the inauguration in America, Biden got class, he reminded me of the lovely Michelle and Barack Obama. I love those two, they were down to earth, look, I am not saying that I supported 100% of what they have done, but you will always disagree with politicians, no matter how much you love your party. If you do not have this critical mind, you are just a lost child.

Politics is a messy world, people will lie, will hurt someone else to get to their final destination, so you should not be trusting 100% of your party. However, if they have done 70-80% right, give them the credit. Hence, trump is getting nothing from me, he was one of the worst presidents around the world. He initiated discriminations and racisms, he lied to your face, employed a groups of liars who discredit the truth, he played the victim at all times, I hate people like that, grow up, you cant be victim all the times, sometimes it is you.

Good to see Biden has class, he at least stayed truth to himself, so what if he is a bit older, maybe we do need that generation to guide us, people have lost their decency and manner. I have seen some people using truth to hurt others, fuck them!

Hopefully America is marching back, we need them because we cannot just have China by itself, it will be a mess, people will lose their freedom of speech or rights. We should never have just a country to fight for the world, to address the environment issues, to fight Covid, we need most of the countries to play their parts, but we need leaders, we need more than one. When you have one, we learnt from history, greed will take over. When you have more than one and it is even better if they do not often see eyes to eyes, because you get a bit sense of balance.

It is time for Australia to decide with its stand, it will be hard, because often Australia does not want to often the powerful countries, but we are a power to reckon with, so we need to ensure we go with what most Australian will want.

I am saving up to visit America, I want to visit while Biden is in charge, hopefully I can get a glance of Obama, either Obama or Michelle, at least one of them. However, with covid is still free out there, I do not think I can do this.

It is good that I can see some proper advices on TV about America instead of some shocking news.

Have a great day everyone!

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