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I’ve been unwell for days now and my coughing is getting worse lately.  Due to that, I am feeling a bit down, I visited doctor three times, apparently I had hayfever which triggered my asthma and causing a mild chest infection plus coughing that could turn worse to pneumonia if I am not on anti-biotic.  On top of that, I was asked to sit while sleeping.  I cannot do that cos I am a cat and I love my bed.

My husband just started a full time work so he works from sunday to friday. He has not quit his sunday market job and  he needs his sleep. I could not bring myself to sleep with him in the same room because I knew he did not get any sleep for days because of me.  So I went to sleep outside in front of my TV, he begged me to go back to the room but I told him off. One of the reason because he is annoying because he kept asking me  “are you alright, honey?” . Of course I am not so do not make me lie.

This morning I was waken up by the birds which were chirping outside. It should be another normal day but it was not. That sounds reminded me of the sea, the chilly morning, people were getting ready at my grandma’s place. It was a nice feeling and it was relaxing, it is very hard to describe but it just feels good.

Come to look at it, I do not think I look around enough, I always wake up grumpy because I always have something to complain, I complain that I have to go to work during school days but during holiday I complain I’ve got nothing to do. (yeah, I know what you are thinking, human hah!)

Maybe I should be thankful a bit more cos at least, I got five hours of sleep and waking up to the cutest and most inviting sound.

I hope you have a great day, too!

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