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Lately, both Australia and International news, there are news where women’s rights are taken by force. Of course, media are using it to attack the men. Not all men are doing it.

I met many men that respect women

I met men that did not want to hurt women

I have met men that did not want to force themselves into women.

I am not here to say men are at fault. However, I am concerning about parenting these days.

Parents are doing it hard.

There are parents who are tip toeing around kids

There are parents who would not admit their children need assistance

There are parents who are having it tough financially.

Our society needs to be responsible.

We are too protective

We do not build resilience in kids

Do you know teachers are not allowed to make negative comments about kids?

Do you know polices’ hand are tied because of duty of care?

Do you know our legal system does not protect the hard-working people?

When the Justice is no longer respected and protecting the people who are doing the right thing, why do we have it?

For convenience?

To protect the rich?

Wake up world, we are not doing things right, we need to make changes

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