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same sex marriage“I now pronounce you husband and husband, you may kiss the man”.

US Supreme Court has legalised the same sex marriage in 28th June 2015. Same sex couples may now marry in all 50 states in America. Although this momentum has not yet changed the government of Australia. It has certainly put it on our politicians’ agendas.

For years, people used many excuses for stopping our gay and lesbian friends tie a knot.
Religions seem to be the biggest stopping stones for our friends, however, no religion has right to tell people not to love each other. People has even used Sacred books to defence their reasoning but we all know that it was written not by the God themselves. It was other people’s interpretation. People see things differently.

Marriage in dictionary has also changed meaning, it is no longer the rights of a man and woman only. I have people said to me that, because they are the same sex, they will confuse their children. Come on, children are confused these days not because of that,  because parents are to scare to be parents. I have seen worse parents from opposite sex couples. I actually find more same sex couples are responsible. They could not have it naturally, they have to go over so many loops to adopt. They learn to cherish and not taking it for granted.

This welcoming news have made my day. I do work with people who are struggling to be recognised because they love the same gender. People belittle them, some people do not even recognise them, they keep telling them that you will learn to love women. Haven’t we seen so much from movies and histories, if you don’t be yourself, you will not be happy. This is 20 centuries but we seem to still discriminate because of whom they love, it seems so wrong.

One of my friend also pointed out a good point, it should not be gay marriage or same sex marriage but let’s called it marriage equality. Many friends of mine also have turned their Facebook profile pictures into a rainbow state, I am not doing that until I see Australia legalise marriage equality.

We need more happy people in this World. They are so many unhappy events such as wars, let’s not make our lives even worse. Celebrate these wonderful moment and hopefully, Australia will soon walk the path too. I would be so thrilled to witness that.


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