Great news for those who loves writing. WordPress is now on iPhone and ipad. so when you are waiting for train or bus, waiting for your friends or partner, you can quickly update your blog. Pro: you no longer need laptop, you can do it everywhere. Maybe not toilet, in

March 2004 I sent out a beautiful valentine’s day present to my love unfortunately the letter was never received. I did not blame the post man cos  it was meant to be. So I decided to sent another one and It was more meaningful because this time I felt even

The Best Mistake I Ever Made 詞曲:Vincent Degiorgio/Bryan Potvin/Dave Pickell One step too far All at once I’m falling Just like a star I’m burning for you Thought I could keep myself from feeling this way I guess that was my first mistake Cause suddenly I’m walking Down a dark

It is a new forum on Fortune telling. It is very interesting with many different types of fortune telling.