Mince chicken Prawns (half of the chicken) Spring onion Salt Pepper Soya sauce Egg Wonton wrappers Mix chicken, prawns, salt, pepper and soya sauce together. Mix it well. Beat the

            Green Tea Ice Cream: Ingredients: 600 gr thick cream 1 cup of milk 3 egg yolks 3 table spoons of green powder (if you like

Ingredient: Udang Kaffir lime leaves, chillies and shallot (daun jeruk, cabe dan bawang merah) Lime juice (jus jeruk nipis) salt (garam) salt (merica) oil (minyak)   Method: Put kaffir lime

Ingredients: chicken minced prawn and crab meat (half the amount of chicken) spring onions, carrot and water chestnuts and dried chinese mushroom (put in as many as you want but