I recently found this new tool to help me keep in shape of my make up brushes. I found in on Youtube while I was watching my favourite Michelle Phan‘s

This long weekend, I decided to declutter my junks. I cannot believe how much rubbish I got and some of them I had no idea why I even kept them.

I bought two bikes from big famous warehouse in Melbourne. On the box, it says 90% assemble which should be a piece of cake because I only need to do

  說說就好 Just Said Ngomong saja 說了又不聽 Said but not Listen ngomong tetapi ngak dengarin 聽了又不懂 Listen but not comprehend dengar tetapi ngak mengerti 不懂又不問 not comprehend and not ask

On the journey of browsing the best ramen in Melb, we ended in ramen ya. Honestly is not so good ramen,  a bit soggy. It was pricey too, I ordered