[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPYOWs0W4CI&feature=BFa&list=HL1312595298&index=2] 過了今晚 再也留不住你 guo le jin wang zai ye liu bu zhu ni 遲早要洗去 我臉頰上的唇印 Chi zao yao xi qu wo lian jia shang di chun yin 你和我約定到了明天誰都不許再提起 Ni he

I am experiencing a month long of fasting along with my husband. I have decided to record this whole month experience. Day 1 – 1/8/2011 A night before, we prepared

Since school paid for my free cooking classes, I love cooking from scratch. It tastes so different. I learn new flavour everyday although since I go back to work. I

Malam yang penuh dengan kegaiban … dan sudah beberapa yang kalian rasakan? Pas lagi jalan tadi, saya melihat sebuah celana dalam cowok yang terletak di jalan. Orang yang lalu lalang

It was a terrible news that Japan experienced tsunami last week. There were a few aftershocks since then. It was a major natural disaster in Japan and it slows down