Nothing but Thirty (三十而已 – San Shi Er Yi) adalah sebuah drama Dari Cina. Drama ini berkisar tentang tiga wanita yang akan menginjak umur tiga puluh. Wang Manni, seorang sales di sebuah Toko fashion mahal di Shanghai. Dia belum menikah dan dia merupakan seorang pendatang dari luar cina. Dia ingin

安家 / I will find you a better home, is a 2020 Chinese drama. It is played by Sun Li, the actress who played Zhen Huan (Empresses in the Palace), The Legend of Mi Yue,  and Nothing Gold can Stay. Sun is known as the Queen of the Television in

I have this fat cat, his name is Metal. Metal was adopted from the rescue about eight to nine years ago. I always wonder about him, he is very different from most of the cats, he is very friendly, a bit too friendly sometimes especially when you have food. I

Parasite is a 2019 Korean movie. It was claimed to be one of the must watched movie and it won many awards. I rewatched it again today because last time, I fall asleep for some of the parts and finally I get to watch the whole movie. It was on

This is an old Hong Kong police movie which I came across. I love HK police movies, they do put effort in making great police movies there, unlike those in other places around the world, some are just a comedy but the real crime movies in HK, I feel their

                12 Suicidal Children or 12 Suicidal Teens are 2019 Japanese box office. It is must watch movie and it has also taken over Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelward in Japan. This movie is about 12 teenagers who agreed to meet to end