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I love watching YouTube especially those how-to-do guides, I use it to watch cooking, make up and hair styling shows. YouTube is officially my great guru of tips.

One of my other favourite’s make up gurus is xteener. Last week, she introduced this package of brushes (Sigma Brushes) which also came with a very stylist container with four colours to choose from. I love all the colours but would prefer to buy the black because it is the classiest (maybe?). I have not bought it but at the start I was struggle to decide which colours to choose from, come to think of it, I would not mind being the crazy purple too. They are not cheap though and it does not come with all of their synthetic brushes. What is your favourite colour of the brushes? would you go with classy, crazy, blush or cool?


I did not actually own any big make up brushes, mine are small/mini and travellers brushes. The big brushes are expensive and I normally get mine in packages or free gifts from magazine. Honestly, free brushes are no way compare to the brand brushes. When I was given a set of make up from my husband and the estee lauder’s brushes were so soft. I felt bliss coming through.
You really can tell the different between a cheaper and expensive brushes.

I told my husband about it so hopefully he would really buy it for me. I cannot choose which colour I would want, so if honey you are reading this, choose for me. (I am sure he will because he subscribe to my blog).

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