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I recently found this new tool to help me keep in shape of my make up brushes. I found in on Youtube while I was watching my favourite Michelle Phan‘s make up guru.

due to that, I have been searching in around Melbourne to get hold onto this item. I failed so badly not only they did not have it, all the shops showed no interest in the new item. What a shame! cos I am sure this is going to be huge profit, imagine most of the women have their make up tools and some have lots of them. Each of them purchase just one, do the math! Local shops have to be more up to date especially if they want to beat the current trend of online shopping.

I really want it and can only purchase it online, so if you are interested have a look on the Brush Guard.

PS: I also tried Michelle’s way of cleaning the brushes and they worked fantastically. It is cheaper and more environmental friendly.

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