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Lately I watched a drama who spoke about the history of the first empress of China, Wu Zetian. What a leader she is. She was certainly a woman with wits and courage. She did things which she would not be proud of but which leader was a pure angel? none but I would not condemn what she did. She killed her own daughter to frame the queen and eventually climbed her way to a queen who levelled with the Emperor of Tang. Position wise they were levelled but she was a far more leader than he was. Not many people remembered what she did to the country but people always cursed for her crimes. Why is so hard for a woman to be a leader?

If there are a man and woman with same wits and skills, woman has worked twice harder than man. This society does not respect woman enough to accept that woman also can be a leader and a great one too. If a woman is up there, they are often judge power grabber, position climber and rumours would be every way. Man will have it easy, no many people judge them on this because it is meant to be.

I think we should celebrate those women because they would work tirelessly to be there and so does the Man. They have it easy but not too easy too. Not easy to be a leader and if we got one, we should celebrate and appreciate them. It is very hard working under a weak leader so if I see one, I really want to learn from them.

Can we be a great leader too? yes we can, just have to learn from mistakes.

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