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A person’s birthday is only important to him or herself, but surrounding people have vital roles. It is a very important day which people actually get to celebrate his or her existence. However, in this me me me only world, it has gained even significant meaning. You need to feel loved in this cold world.

It has to be celebrated with friends and family. When none of them actually remember, it is actually very hurtful. A person will question whether the person’s existence is valued and should continue.

People seem to take it to easily when it is not their own birthday. It is a phenomenal, to send a text message or just Facebook message to say happy birthday but that should only count if you live very far away. Otherwise, you should call, if that person matters to you. You should really not take your family and friends for granted.

Buying a present is always hard especially if you are a guy. However, women do love dropping hints here and there, you should listen and note those invaluable hints. It shows you care. Last minute shopping is always a bad idea for your sanity. Food is not counted as gifts.

No present is brutal, it is pretty much you are saying, you do not longer give a shit. If you are not going to spare your time to get him/her a gift, do not tag the person anymore longer, I am sure he/she is questioning whether the relationship is worthy. However late presents are acceptable, so if you forget, remember it is better late than never.

Unfortunately, You are judged on your actions and gifts in this crazy world and if you want a perfect high score, it is truly not hard.

If you care of a person, you really should spoil the person a gift which he/she will like. It is not only the gifts that the person will be happy about, but it shows that you have listened.

Time to show your friends and family some love!

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