Between Light and Dark

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Dark is the symbolic of death and Light is the symbolic of birth.

Last two weeks, a few people I knew passed away. It was a shock for both cases, I dont think anyone can prepare for death, even with someone who is really sick. inside our heart, we always hope for a miracle to take place. Even the person who passed away is someone you hold grudge with, someone you are very upset with, you forgive them and wishing they have done the same.

No grudge should be hold against them and you start asking about death. You are scared, you are confused and questions just cant be stopped. Do not understand why we are created and will be faced with death.

Today, my friend just gave birth to a lovely girl in a hospital. She smiled on the picture, watching a picture like this, you grow to understand why there is a need to be death. Birth is by far the best amazing thing ever happens to the world.  It will take away your pain, take away your question, take away your confusion. A tiny spirit is born into a great big world and we understand this tiny person will grow into a big spirit and experience all the life and death. Let’s pray that this tiny person will be given a big heart to learn the life between birth and death.

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