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It was about seven month Ago, when actress BCL lost her husband, Ashraf Sinclair, due to a heart attack.

September is the month of Ashraf and Noah (their son)’s birthday and this is the first, they celebrate those events without him.

BCL posted on her IG’s memories of their last trip to Melbourne and stated it was a pure love, manifested.

Unfortunately, it is hard not to feel for them especially in this part of the statement:

We can be crazy, we can be cool, we can be who we want to be… this is us”, Ashraf Sinclair


Yes, relationship is hard and to find two soul who are comfortable to be themselves and can have fun and do crazy stuff together, it is rare.

However, too much love is hard on both.

BCL is finding it hard to move on, she got so much to give him yet he is no longer with us.


There are many couple out there, using love as an excuse to hurt each other without knowing it.

Maybe they want to protect each other

maybe their love is too strong that it starts to hurt each other.


It is hard, not everyone who left is because of hatred or anger, some are because of love.

Move on is hard but if it is the best for you both,

go and take the step

forget the past

look forward to future


and if you do still care, pray in your own way

that he/she is happy

being happy is the hardest in life


At least you both have once happy together

whatever has changed

the memories are still there

and no one can take that away


May everyone finds their own way of loving themselves

and being happy in life.


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