A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower adalah sebuah drama China baru dan tamat 7 September 2020. Masih fresh out of the oven nih. Sebuah film misteri di mana pembukaannya, kita melihat seorang wanita cantik meninggal. Wanita ini diperankan oleh artis cantik Angelababy. Saya suka Angelababy walaupun banyak berita tentang

Recently found an app called Dreame – Reading Completes Me, originally I thought it was similar to Kindle where you buy books and read but, kind of not really. Dreame is a platform for people to write story and you can read by buying coins. However, the writer often are

I thought we are coming to an end of the lockdown stage 4 in Melbourne, but our Premier decided to make it longer. I know it is for the better good but I want out. I am tired of being alone in the house with just the cats. I want

I have tried out this is the only one where the cake is moist and not too dense. I failed miserably few times but this cake looks easy but it is one of the hardest, I have made. I haven’t made much and this is the first time I am

Nothing but Thirty (三十而已 – San Shi Er Yi) adalah sebuah drama Dari Cina. Drama ini berkisar tentang tiga wanita yang akan menginjak umur tiga puluh. Wang Manni, seorang sales di sebuah Toko fashion mahal di Shanghai. Dia belum menikah dan dia merupakan seorang pendatang dari luar cina. Dia ingin

I have recently watch a wonderful Chinese TV drama series. It is called Nothing but Thirty. The story is around 3 women who is about to hit 30 years old and their life experience. One is single and working in a high class boutique, one is a married woman with