Recently I listen to lots of Indonesian songs, there are more popular on IG and tik tok and this one is one of my favourite, I will slowly uploading them

how would you describe life? I think life is like driving cars on the freeway. Some people have to drive a long way to get to their destinations, some people’s

Don’t F**k with Cats – Hunting an Internet Killer merupakan sebuah dokumentasi pendek tentang sebuah cerita nyata di mana sejumlah pengikut di sebuah page diĀ  facebook yang mengejar seorang pembunuh

Buat peminat Games of Thrones, ini seri baru The Witcher di Netflix. Seri 1 hanya ada 8 episode dan seri kedua mungkin baru akan ditayang pada tahun 2022. The Witcher

Another friend of mine just finalised her divorce last October. We went out for a small celebration. Some of you might think, we are awful to celebrate a divorce, it