Buat peminat Games of Thrones, ini seri baru The Witcher di Netflix. Seri 1 hanya ada 8 episode dan seri kedua mungkin baru akan ditayang pada tahun 2022. The Witcher adalah sebuah drama tentang Geralt of Rivia, dia seorang pembunuh monster. Bersama dengan Ciri (Putri dari Cintra) dan Yennefer (penyihir),

Another friend of mine just finalised her divorce last October. We went out for a small celebration. Some of you might think, we are awful to celebrate a divorce, it is a sad thing but trust me, in T’s case, it is a good get riddance. T has married her

Since the holiday, I have been binge watching Netflix non-stop. Lately these shows I have seen and would like to comment on them Unbelievable – Highly recommended The girl was raped but on the scene, there was no DNA evidences at all, it was clean. Police could not even find

  Growing up in Indonesia, after school snacks were huge, students would line up to buy their popular snacks and eating for tea. One of my favourite is Fried Cassava. Today, at Highpoint fresh fruits and Vegetable grocer/market. I saw cassavas. I immediately took a small one and decided to

I have joined the new tech family, I bought a mini google in September and absolutely loving it. I have been thinking about this for a long time and finally when Jb Hi-fi was having a deal, a package with mini home plus chromecast. I needed an extra Chromecast for

Hi Blog, It has been a long time since I was writing. I had too much happening in life and just did not feel like contribute. However, I am finally at the stage of my life, I do not care anymore. It is tiring to worry and think too much.