Lately, both Australia and International news, there are news where women’s rights are taken by force. Of course, media are using it to attack the men. Not all men are doing it. I met many men that respect women I met men that did not want to hurt women I

Ingredients: 100 ml water 11/2 tsp baking powder (not bi card soda, i used it wrong before and it did not come out right) 40 gr brown sugar 100 plain flour method: I start the steaming pan while I am getting ready with my ingredients dissolve brown sugar in the

Muah chee is type of snack from Singapore. I always ate it when I visited Singapore although the last time, I went there, there were not many people selling anymore. I made it again today. I just realised, the second time is so much easier. I remember I put in

Pokemon Go is the new phenomenon around the Globe. For those who do not understand it, it seems like a cult. Hence, medias are trashing it. As a player myself, I am biased. I think there are lots of things that are positive from this game but obviously I am

I hate talking about religions but I am going to preach a bit here. Do not get me wrong, I love reading, studying and get to know religions. They are fascinating, oldest knowledges around. Most religions are open to interpretation since none of us live in those period of time. (Don’t shoot me

I have tried many Kway Chap in the past but often find the star anise, cinnamon sticks and cloves are overbearing. My mum makes a very simple Kway Chap which I miss a lot. I finally asked her for her recipe and was very surprised how easy it is to