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SS小燕之夜 20110921 part 3 陶晶瑩 (Mins 4:38-05:07)


I was your best friend which your every girlfriends ever hated.
I accompanied you through many years
and were your most important friend
I was completely honest with you
except for a lie
Be your best friend
was better than be your girl friend
I was closer to your heart
and did not need to be afraid
of losing you
I could always look at you
Not position love in first place
But more importantly, my presence
sound better

I was shocked when the presenter (zhangxiaoyan-張小燕) interviewed this writer (Mary-瑪麗). Is admiring love is enough? I could not stop thinking how cowardly behaviour it is. If we love someone, shouldn’t we pursuit the love? However, on the other hand, she wants hang on to the guy she loves, is that wrong? How many of us will just sit there and send our blessing, be at his side when he needs to be hugged and consoled? how many of us will jump in to the first queue when he is single? I am sure we are as scared as she is to lose him but the feeling of could have but never try would hurt even more. I remembered when I was a little girl, I admired someone, I did not pursuit it and up until today, sometimes I wondered what would happen. That is the scary thought ‘If’, there is no turning back and it will stay with you for your lifetime.

“You will live your life once” and so there is nothing wrong to try and lose. We might cry and feel the whole world is collapsing for not getting the one we love. However, Love does not happen just once, it will come and go. That is why that it is so hard to hold on to married. After love and marriage, there is compromise and lead to “Happiness”. So throw yourself into the flame of love and gain the strength to be a better woman next time.

While I was watching this show, I admitted that I was laughing at this girl but while I was writing up her story, it came to my mind that there were love where we could not pursuit. There were people who did not want to be in love triangle, there were people that did not want to ruin a marriage and there were people who knew that it would not last. Do I really consider them as cowards? No, they might be stronger than most of us, definitely more than me. They can let go of love because they do not want to hurt others. I just want all these people not to let go too much so they will be happiness for everyone.

Really do not take love for granted, it is there to be cared.

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