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Losing a baby is one of the worst thing in the world. Some people might choose to get rid of baby but who are we to judge them? maybe there is a reason, for example, raping.

I believe though, no women want to get rid of their babies voluntary and if there is any, they are not human.

I know few people who had miscarriage in the past and to overcome that, it will take their whole life. There was a chat with a group of women few months ago, and it is sad, that often people do not talk about it.

Today, I heard a story and hope this will help those mothers to ease a bit of their pain and bring a bit of peace.

Babies live in the heaven and they are well looked after. Babies get to choose their parents. Once they found someone suitable for them, they will report to God. God will always tell them, it is a difficult journey, do you really want it. Some babies during pregnancy will choose to leave their parents, because they want to protect their parents from something. They will return to a beautiful place and continue to have fun and watching you. Do not cry, because they will be upset. Talk to them because they can see and hear you.

May we able to find a way to reduce pain or miscarriage.

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