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I am experiencing a month long of fasting along with my husband. I have decided to record this whole month experience.

Day 1 – 1/8/2011

A night before, we prepared so much food for Sahur “morning meal before sunrise”. We went to sleep earlier so we could wake up at 4 to have our morning big breakfast. Until ten past five, we realised that we were to late cos no one set the alarm clock before bed. Yeah, missed my first day of fasting. My husband stayed up since, then he ate my hainanese chicken rice, I was so upseeeeeeeeeet. Not a very good way to start my day. To punish him, I asked him to buy me a big minangkabau meal for dinner and my next day breakfast.

Day 2 – 2/8/2011

A promise which again my husband did not keep, he wanted to sleep at 9, then he changed to 9.30 and we only went to bed at 11.30, how punctual, I KNOW. This time we remember to set the alarm clock to four o’clock only in the morning we realised the alarm clock was set to OFF at twenty past five. We then checked the calender that we had about 25 minutes to go. So we rushed breakfast and started my first day of fasting. Of course, my husband reminded me not to eat anything. I went to my car and did my usual business, sat in the car, moved the car out of garage and then put on my seatbelt, once everything ready, put a mint in the mouth. Went off about 10 minutes then realised, I was not supposed to eat. Euggh. However, I still fasted through the day till 5.34. Every minutes just felt so long.

Day 3 – 3/8/2011

I did not fast today because yes, no one set the alarm again. My husband has to use mine but he did not how to use it.

Day 4 – 4/8/2011

I almost took the lollies on my desk and put them into my mouth. So tempting but I was resisting them. Day by day passed by and it was just getting harder.

Day 5 – 5 /8/2011

No fasting for me today because I did not wake up early enough. I was late to pick up the girls cos I thought it was saturday.

Day 6 – 6 /8/2011

I could not agree more, sick people really should not fast. Your metabolism just could not handle it. I took panadol for being unwell and luckily I am allowed to drink.

Day 7 – 7/8/2011

Still not very well so I did not fast but my husband was cruising to the day.

Day 8 – 8/8/2011

Marriage makes fasting difficult.


to be continued …

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