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We have been allowed to return to work for few weeks now, although I took a while to adjust to the routine, I was happy.

I have been having lots of good news the last few weeks at work.

One of my leader came to me last week and asked if I applied for Year Level Coordinator’s position. I laughed and thought she was joking but she was not. She thought I would do an excellent job with it because the way I am dealing with kids. She said that I had a strong classroom management but not to make the kids scared of me but to respect me. I was able to build the rapport with them, organised and was able to understand them. She said that I should apply for it. I was honour to be honest even though I did not want to accept the offer, I told her the last few years have been hard so the next few years, I want stability. Hence, YLC is no something I want to go for, I think I would power abuse in my position plus I want to have more times in the classroom not in dealing with the naughty ones and the difficult parents all the time.

Also, I got an invitation to write texts for an online learning platforms. They are willing to pay me money for my texts in Indonesian and they wanted to use it for their VCE students. I have accepted their offer so I have two jobs now. I have told them that I would only write two articles first before December since exam time is approaching and my students will be back soon in face-to-face teaching, so I do not need too much distraction.

I am very proud of myself to build a career that I have enjoyed and is giving me so many chances and opportunities to grow. I remember someone laughed at me one time said that you studied so far to Australia just to be an Indonesian teacher. I have to say, I am one of the people who can proudly say that I am introducing my students to Indonesian cultures and language, what has that guy done for his hometown? I am raising the Indonesian numbers as well with more and more students are picking Indonesian until my new management see this as a threat and making students to pick languages before coming to our school. I am losing the chances to give them a taste of Indo, but dont worry, I have a grand plan. I will not give up, if I am failing on this, I can move school.

I am really happy with my achievements and it is also so good to have so many people who are acknowledging my conbtributions. Apparently I am also to go to person for creative activities and online teaching and learning if there are issues.

The last few years, someone has been so supportive of my career, I would like really to thank him for believing in me and giving so many inputs and guidance in teaching Indonesian. I wish all the best too in life. I hope he finds what he is looking for and having a rewarding life too.

Have a great day everyone!

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