A comedian with pain

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Legendary comedian and actor, Robin Williams has been found death. His caused of death is apparently suicide.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams was battling with depression for many years. Many people might not think depression is real but for someone who has that, it is not easy to bounce back. People who are battling with depressions cannot control the feeling of fear, uselessness, pain without help from medication or counsellor.

There are many levels of depressions but there are ranges of supports treatments and assistances are available. Making the first move is not easy.  If you know someone who is fighting with it, be a listener and do not give advices, just let the experts to do their magic, one of the best website in supporting this is Beyond Blue. You may also call or email them if you are relatives or families of the sufferers of depression and anxiety.

Robin Williams is a legendary comedian, the world is sad today because we lost him. He brought so much laughter, tears and fun into many people’ lives. Although many of us do not actually know his real person, his work has affected us very much. It is sad to know that such great comedian, has so much pain inside.

I hope he is finding peace, happiness and fun in his new world. Rest in Peace, Mr Williams, you will surely miss.

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