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“Everything worth doing is exhausting”. John Polanyi

Studying while having a full time job is tiring. I do not know how people do it with children too, I hardly could find time to sleep. Even if I got time to sleep, it is not a good rest. Assignments, work, research and etc just rotate around my brain just like the moon and the earth. And more, there is a party cricket outside my window. This fancy cricket just never stop partying, disturbing my sleep. I even bought myself ear plugs and it does not work. Slightest light and tiny motion also wake me up.

I sometimes feel that I spent more time at work not home because it seems so familiar to me now. Too familiar. Going to work is very difficult these days because I really just want to sleep at home. I do not want to drive with fatigue.

2 years, after this, everything will be alright. Just bear it … grrrr

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