12 Suicidal Children

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12 Suicidal Children or 12 Suicidal Teens are 2019 Japanese box office. It is must watch movie and it has also taken over Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelward in Japan.

This movie is about 12 teenagers who agreed to meet to end their lives together. Satoshi (No.1) was the organiser, the asked them to meet at an abandoned hospital and they were going to do it in the room in the basement. They were going to seal the room and smoked themselves to death. However, they were surprised to see a body was there already, No. 0.

This movie is unpredictable and when you think you are going to see a group of kids that killed themselves, very quickly this is now a murder case. I like the plot twist, and if you find the start is a bit slow, it will change quickly.

I like the way the director made the film, there was not flash back to their issues or reasons which drove them to this assembly. However, it has addressed many teenager issues and suicides.

Japan is commonly known to have a mass suicide assembly and teenage suicide cases are rising too. This movie is a must watch because people learnt to appreciate life.

It is slow and lots of talking but I would recommend it for people with teenagers, suicides among teenagers are rising and we should all do our parts to ensure this stops.


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