I was very eager to watch ‘The Confidant’ because of Michelle Yim and Wayne Lai but I have to say, I am very disappointed  I found the whole drama boring. Even

           Dengan memakai audacity (PC), but Mac user bisa memakai Garageband. Buka program audacity Rekam bahan yang ingin dijadiin podcast Bila ingin add music, pilih file and

Current technologies have provided us with so many choices of presentation tools, so why stick with boring and overcrowded slides of powerpoint when you could easily make your presentation alive?

With the rising of the instagram, many developers are thinking of ways to create another wave of craziness and now we are getting GifBOOm. So what is GifBoom? It is

Want to be a director? loves special effect on Hollywood movie? you can now do it with this apps, Movie Action FX. It is so user friendly, choose your special