Hi Blog, It has been a long time since I was writing. I had too much happening in life and just did not feel like contribute. However, I am finally

Friendships are awesome! it is great to have one or two best mates in life. One is hard to find and those who have more is very lucky in life.

Today, I watched a new Chinese TV talk show ‘Voice 开讲了’ , it is not a singing contest but it is a talk show dedicated for young people. This show

Legendary comedian and actor, Robin Williams has been found death. His caused of death is apparently suicide. Robin Williams was battling with depression for many years. Many people might not

走了, 有失去了一位才子。他留给了我很多美好的回忆。 他的表演是一流的。可惜, 走的太早。 请大家不要吸毒,看看大炳, 才子的梦被打醒了, 彩色的梦变暗了。 在也看不到大炳搞笑的演出, 会怀念大炳。 走好吧。